My thoughts after the RC tour

February 16, 2010
By Mathan_Ratinam

Bob (left) and Scott (center) fro the RC

There are few things that stuck with me after Fridays tour that I thought would be worth sharing.

1 – Scott mentioned that there are only three RC offices that are as technologically sophisticated as the NYRC office. Most are just raw rooms in generic buildings. But technology is something that we as designers are intimately familiar with and a number of things exist free online or are open source that we should be able to redesign for the purposes of the RC. So the access to technology should not be a issue of funds but rather about well designed concepts/interfaces/ and modes of communication.

2- There aren’t standard issue uniforms or equipment, and this could be both a project in designing objects but also a strategic policy for new things to be implemented.

3- As Scott had responded (to the question from Caroline (I think)) the talking heads video that was presented was of enormous benefit for the RC. It does raise the thought of what other storytelling devices could be used to further/better communicate the role of the Red Cross and why people become involved.

4- This leads on from the last point which is how the RC talk to children (who later talk to their parents) about what could be done in terms of personal responsibility and preparedness. With two young kids, I think this offers a unique way to binging about change that can’t be done as effectively through adults.

5 – Lastly, the big one that we’ve spoken about in the past – promoting a mid-level band of leadership. As Scott mentioned this is a philosophical (primarily), educational, and recruiting/human resources issue. How can the RC get those who want to be leaders to excel and take on those positions? How are people in the organization encouraged to grow? This to me represents not only the most interesting of problems but one that really requires design thinking to help strategize a solution and develop a way forward. Even if at first this doesn’t seem to be a design problem.

Your thoughts?


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