Serin’s Ride-Along

February 26, 2010
By Peyman_Inan

I did my ride along shift on Monday 22nd February. My shift was between 12 pm to 8 pm.  At the lobby I said that I came to do my ride along and they sent me to the second floor. For a few minutes I was wondering around where to go on the second floor and waiting to see someone to ask, after a while I saw a man coming towards me. When he came close I explained him that I came to do my ride along and couldn’t figure out where to go.  He said: “Well you are with me I guess, I was expecting you” and then he introduced himself. His name is Patrick Logan he is a very cheerful and sympathetic guy. We had a small chat about our school and class while we were walking to his table. When Patrick started to explain me the program they were using at the laptop we heard that there was a fire in Brooklyn. He said “You are lucky, it will be a long day” We packed up our stuff quickly. I took my “to go” bag and the belt and the radio and the Red Cross jacket. George was there too his shift started before me but he couldn’t have a change to go out, so he also came with us to Brooklyn. On the road we talked about what we will be doing when we arrive there and the details about the fire. The fire took place at a 2-floored apartment and the damage was major. It was the first time I saw a fire and it was really interesting and sad at the same time. The ironic thing was, with the RC jacket and with my notebook, I felt like a professional RC volunteer and acted like I saw fires everyday (don’t panic I am here to help you) which was a cool feeling. We talked with some people at the scene and I took notes about the residents’ names and the damage at their house. First floor had 3 bedrooms and 2 of them were literally sinking in the water. The second floor’s kitchen and the living room were damaged.  I could still smell the burn deeply in every floor. The residents in each floor were not there when we arrived, there were people from the neighborhood and some relatives of the residents, and some insurance people.  We put stickers at the doors in each floor containing information about how they could reach us if they need our help. After we examined the place deeply we went to the van and waited a little more while Patrick was copying the information I took on a piece of paper to his laptop. When we were done we head back to the RC building. We arrived around 3pm, unfortunately after 3pm there had been nothing going wrong in the city, no fires no earthquakes no flood etc. So it was good in a way but boring on the other way. I didn’t took any books or work with me when I came to the RC building so literally I had nothing to do till 8pm. Patrick went to his desk to work and I sat down in front of a desk and waited the time my shift ends. I walked around while I was waiting and realized that the building was huge but there weren’t enough workers to fill each desk. Most of the desks were empty and looked like they had been empty for a long time.  I also realized that if the interior designer didn’t put the separation walls between desks and leave them like open desks the whole 2nd floor will seem like a huge empty office.  Overall it was a nice experience, I think I was lucky enough to see a fire scene.

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