Climate Centre Challenges

February 26, 2010
By Nigel_Snoad

I’ve had a couple of recent chats with Pablo Suarez from the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Center and we outlined a couple of challenges in the Early Warning/Early Action area that might be worth exploring. Pablo will be in New York at Parsons on the 6/7th March and we can setup in-person meetings then for anyone who’s interested in finding out more, and of course he’s available by phone/email beforehand. Note that these are reasonably concrete “briefs” and you’re free to explore more widely, but we do want you to think about how your skills and interests might match with these kinds of work.

1. Following on from the PETLAB game that some of you helped make for Senegal, Pablo would like to build a game that helps Red Cross emergency managers start thinking about how to use the components of a forecast (where, when, what – magnitude, and the probability) to make a decision on whether to act or not. The Senegal game might be thought of as helping start a conversation on what to do given a number of pre-cooked forecasts, while this one would ideally dive deeper into the various components of a forecast and how they affect decisions about whether and how to respond. Pablo wants to play this kind of a game in June/July at meetings in Mali and Gambia.

2. In a similar thread, Pablo sometimes finds it difficult to convince disaster managers from the Red Cross/Red Crescent that they need to pay attention to forecasts, and start them thinking about “what to do next time there’s a forecast.” Basically he needs an online/video/animation/graphical advocacy and communication tool on the value of forecasts and the games that gets his foot in the door with national response managers, so that they can then start playing the games.

2 Responses to “ Climate Centre Challenges ”

  1. Rhiannon on February 26, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    I’m guessing this isn’t the IHL ideas you were talking about last class?

    also, if we are interested in this and doing a project for this then can that be our class project or is this for outside of class?

  2. Nigel_Snoad on February 26, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    Definitely something for in-class, but as for the other possible projects it’s all about exploring the concepts/options and seeing what comes out.