Caroline’s ride along

March 5, 2010
By caroline

I have got to say, 6 hours is a long time to be sitting there! I arrived at the Red Cross thinking I would be helping, doing something. The best feeling of all is doing something useful, isn’t it?

Anyway, after meeting a few members, Jean, Stephen, Jessica, Richard… I was introduced to Harry, a big heart on two legs who was going to be my mentor.

In the first hour, Stephen took me through the on-screen training and next, I was all geared up! By then, I was good to go! But that’s when the waiting started!

I did not want to waste all that time so I started asking questions regarding what they thought would make thing easier for them, and for the Red Cross in general.

There is not really one particular things that came out of it but more problems revealed!

Anyway, around 4pm, we left and responded to a call. Off went to deliver some cleaning kit to a lady in Brooklyn 2 days after a big fire had happened in the adjacent home to hers. Nothing big, not an emergency but it was more of a comforting response.

Harry pointed out the importance of never giving more before asking and making sure the client really needs a particular service, or whatever is available from the Red Cross (more services, money, …)

I left and went home wondering why ‘they’ don’t try using volunteers that are coming for other things while waiting in the room?

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