March 13, 2010
By Haeun_Kim


I got Ride-Along-Shift with Raw who is a RC staff. He introduced RC building, and I looked around a garage, warehouses, and facilities as well as our class had done. Then I’ve given a pack with an equipment belt, a radiophone, and a jacket. And I waited for almost 6 hours wearing suit. Around 8P.M., a house was on fire on 72nd street and 1st Avenue. Although it was another group’s job that was lead by Ericson, we went for inspecting and looking into what happened. It was a small fire according to a staff who was there before we go, but most part of furniture and the interior looked got burned. Also, the room that on the 8-floor was flooded, and water run over the down stair room. So, Raw and I checked 7and 6-floor. Raw said, normally they check the both sides’ rooms of the burned place, but the left side was stairway and the right side was trash room, so we skipped. Then, we inspected 7-floor ‘s room. A woman who lived there was making burgers calmly, even though water was coming into her house. She was very composed and wiped up when water were oozing through walls. On the contrary, a woman who lived on 6th floor was almost crying. As soon as we got there, she repeated, “I’m freaked out.” And Raw tried to calm her down. He said, “It’ll be fine, no more water comes in.” Then she asked, “How can you know saying ’No’.” unfortunately, she got new furniture a week before.

Even though it was a small fire and put out rapidly, the whole house got spotted and messed up. After all, it was very new experience to me, and it reminds me that fire is fatal, and definitely needed to prevent.

Raw: Do you have a place to stay

Couple: (who lived the burned house) we have another house in Brooklyn.

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