Women are Forces for Nature

March 29, 2010
By Maya_Sariahmed

Maya Sariahmed, BFA Communication Design.


Women are Forces for Nature : Communicating Gender Mainstreaming with the Red Cross Climate Centre


The Red Cross Climate Centre runs Early Warning // Early Action programs around the world to focus on the rich local knowledge that communities offer when developing strategic adaptation methods to climate change. Sadly, in many countries that rest heavily on patriarchal cultural norms, women are discouraged from speaking out as vocally as men on these issues. I propose to focus on this imbalance by using print and web-based campaigns that urge for more gender mainstreaming activities within the Red Cross Climate Centre. This would give women more of a prominent voice in the process of developing Red Cross Early Warning // Early Action systems, and make for more sustainable and ultimately safer communities around the world.

One Response to “ Women are Forces for Nature ”

  1. pablo on March 31, 2010 at 12:13 am

    Looking good Maya! I will be introducing you to Bec McNaught, also from RC/RC Climate Centre team (in charge of Asia/Pacific, has done gender work). I trust good things can come out of this collaboration. Thanks again.