Enhancing EHL: Promoting a Higher-Level of Learning & Synthesis through Role Play Simulations

March 29, 2010
By Julynn_Benedetti

Exploring Humanitarian Law (EHL) provides educators with a toolkit to help students learn about the tenets of international humanitarianism while also building analytical skills as they experience how International Humanitarian Law (IHL) affects real life scenarios. Although  EHL was designed to enrich and enhance existing social studies programs, it has not yet been fully integrated into the curriculum and is currently under-utilized by educators.  We believe that part of this is due to the fact that the activities embedded into the toolkit, while rich in source material and history, lack some critical elements of gameplay.  We propose that we enhance and extend the activities in the EHL by creating a simulation of the International Criminal Courts (ICC).  By creating a role-play/simulation scenario, we aim to reinforce and complement the concepts learned through the EHL by designing a structured and enjoyable exercise in which students will be able to engage with the material.

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