JEFF’s abstract

March 31, 2010
By Jeff_Hsieh


The Red Cross had total of 18 vehicle. They can only use 3 vehicle maximum at one time. The limitation of car usage is huge, because what happen if there are more than one disaster at the same time.Also process of sign in and out a vehicle takes  a lot  of time. As well that what happen if people have bad hand writing and people can’t read them properly. They are losing lots of time just to organize drivers and staff. Another concern is about the paper cycle. First, is what happens to the paper after (Do they throw them away or keep them). Second, is if they store them…do they ever going to use it again or not ?.As well another regarding neither using technology or paper work.So,my idea is to combine technology system with  car key and id  card. It is basically a inspiration from bar code scanner and atm machine. The machine will act as a computer. The staff will simply swipe their card and beep their car key to the barcode scanner. Therefore the screen will show the data of the date, the staff, and the viehcle number. This is helping them to organize drivers and staff faster. Therefore it is cutting lots of time to write on the paper

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