My diagram and thoughts on the review!

April 10, 2010
By Maya_Sariahmed

So I’ve attached the diagram for this week on my whole process, and it’s kind of all over the place but I think it’s come down to something that could be potentially awesome! After the reviews, which I thought went REALLY well for everyone involved, I started to mull over all the different feedback I had received. What ended up sticking out the most for me was a comment Scott Graham had said about tying in the gender element of what I was doing into disaster preparedness at the local New York Red Cross. This made sense with Pablo’s comment, which was that my project was really focusing on local chapters, and the international RC would have really been a facilitator. Going back to what Scott had said, he responded a lot to my thoughts on women are caregivers in the community, and being the guiding force for their families. Scott also started to mention a RC preparedness group activity held in Harlem, where most of the people who were there were women! After hearing this, and after hearing Mike Edwards make that comment about making a project “tiny but really awesome”, I realized that I needed to focus my project on a place and community that was in “my backyard”, as Kelly said yesterday, instead of on communities around the world that I know nothing about (yet!).

So I’ve settled on a training manual for disaster preparedness, which is what Lisette had gotten really excited about in the reviews. But instead of targeting Belize, or Bangladesh, or anywhere else, it makes sense to start in New York. After a really helpful critique yesterday from Mathan, Nora, Rhiannon, Kelly, Chris, Tanya, and Nadiah, my idea for a training manual evolved into a more personal keepsake. The idea is not just to create your standard-stapled RC paper guide, but a notebook to be kept and shared between generations. Part of it will contain comic-book stories of women around New York sharing their homemade preparedness remedies, while other pieces will have empty space for notes, fold-outs so that a family can draw out their house-plan and exit strategies in case of disaster, detachable posters to hang up on your fridge, and more!

This will be fun! !

2 Responses to “ My diagram and thoughts on the review! ”

  1. George_Bixby on April 11, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    Maya, this sounds like a really great idea! I think that seeing an instructional manual as an opportunity to share stories, and have people keep personal records makes so much sense. Since everyone understands their own living space better than anyone else, I think suggesting that people take the time to make personal plans can be really effective. It’s a very interesting solution.

  2. Nigel on April 14, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    Maya, the concept of a keepsake to be shared and used as a touchstone is a great one. Somehow, even conceptually, linking the bonds memories we keep and share to how we plan to keep our families safe seems fruitful. I do wonder about power issues in a family, particularly inter-generation ones, but my guess is that it would map onto the dynamics of preparedness “keepers” pretty well.