Rhiannon’s thoughts

February 18, 2010
By Rhiannon_Fox

All of the points raised so far have been in my notes from the visit. But their were three main issues I was very much interested in.

1. Although the international scale was not really talked about apart from a little on Haiti, I would still like to really figure out some main issues in the international scale that can be worked on. Maybe something such as information design so more of the general public can understand the natural disaster readings, or how we can better prepare people if i disaster hits.

2. As Mathan mentioned about the video and awareness of the RC. One thing Scott said that was extremely interesting was ‘they don’t know how to tell their story.’ How can we get their story, this information that can be life saving out effectively? etc.

3. The idea of targeting the younger generation. They have a program for 14-18 yr olds but children under that their is nothing. children are like sponges and I think if we can teach them preventative measures or get them into volunteering and stuff earlier the better. I have a lot of experience with working with children and the things they retain is unbelievable sometimes. Maybe this could be done in a game way? or a program?

One Response to “ Rhiannon’s thoughts ”

  1. Maya_Sariahmed on February 18, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    You and I talked a little bit about your interest in children–I think that would be a really fun route to go! Definitely the liveliest bunch to collaborate with! Maybe it’s a solution that has to do with that playpen deal in the one room we all briefly ran through…I wonder what sorts of educational material are there for them to play with.