American Red Cross – Exploring Humanitarian Law

February 18, 2010
By Nigel_Snoad

One of the possible projects mentioned by the American Red Cross in Washington DC was focussed around their “Exploring Humanitarian Law” program. I’m yet to get many details from them as they’re all pretty swamped dealing with Haiti response work, but Phebean Cole from the ARC EHL program thinks there is “something” there for us. She’s pointed me to their existing programs and resources, which are aimed to teach these concepts to students, but it’s also worth seeing how the International Committee of the Red Cross projects this work.

As I’ve mentioned I have a personal connection to this work, and feel that there’s often a real gap in showing how abstract things like “laws of war” are important, particularly in times where we have a “War on Terror” and many of the basic concepts like prisoner rights are under challenge.

I’ll have more ASAP.

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