Chris’ thoughts after the RC tour

February 18, 2010
By Chris_Choi

I’ll try not to be redundant in describing the issues that were covered on the tour…

International & domestic tracing of friends/family/etc. seems like something that I am very interested in.  I am a first generation American in my family so I still consider myself closely rooted to my family in Korea, both North and South.  During the Korean War, much of my family became divided, although to what extent, I am not sure.  My parents’ extended families, friends and other contacts were lost; most likely indefinitely what with how much time has passed since then.  But, maybe that’s not the case?

Money that is distributed and how that information is conveyed throughout the RC and to the public.  If there is an effective way of creating an open awareness of the allocation of funds, I feel that donations and the like could increase.  People could relate to the causes that the RC is involved in and could foster a stronger bond with a greater audience.

Inventory.  Specifically the stock of food and supplies that is stored in containers in the ERVs.  How is it managed?  Electronically?  One person?  One group?  Are perishables allowed?  To what extent?  Something to explore.  Also the overall design of the ERVs inside and out.

Like some of the others that have posted so far, I think that the middle band of leadership is something that definitely needs to be addressed, sooner rather than later.  If we as designers can address this, I think it would be one of the biggest problems we could tackle.

George touched on early warning initiatives and the process of recruiting and training new volunteers.  I agree that these two notions are definitely something to consider.  If we can predict things like natural disasters, we should come up with a way of expediting the process of sending aid.  I would also like to learn more about the traditional process of recruiting and training new volunteers.  What other alternate methods are there other than having a collab class like ours, for example?

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