Julynn, Kris & George’s Game Update

May 1, 2010
By George_Bixby

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback on the first prototype of our game. We’ve yet to post the an update since the direction of our game changed. Here is the new (in progress) game description:

(Title TBD) is a game designed to introduce children (ages 12-16) to the challenges involved in the international humanitarian effort to provide temporary camps for displaced people, through dis- cussion of the current disaster situation in Haiti.

Working as a team, the students must debate the possible outcomes of their decisions to respond to an unfolding series of events, while gaining an understanding the strategic skills needed to manage resources effectively.
Here is a rough draft of the rules:

What’s needed

  • 3-4 Players
  • Gameboard
  • Poker chips / Tokens (6 different types)
  • Situation / Scenario Cards
  • Location Profiles
  • Role Cards
  • Spinner


1. Select roles first. One Role Card per person.
2. Look over the Location Profiles and discuss as a team which location you would like to start at.
3. Distribute the Resource Tokens based on the numbers listed on the Location Profile.
4. Place the marker on Day One and spin the wheel to determine the card picked up. Read the card as a team.

  • If the card is a Scenario Card, read over the card and as a team decide which choice is made. Then turn the card to find out the consequences of your choice.
  • If the card is an Event Card, read over the card and follow what happens.

5. Move the marker.

  • If the marker lands on a blank space spin the wheel.
    If the marker lands on a Calendar Event, follow the instructions on the slot.
    If the marker lands on a Resupply Day, replenish your supplies according to your Location Profile.
    The game is over when the marker lands on Day 30.

Here isĀ  diagram of the game mechanics:

Here are some video snippets of the first playtest:

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