February 18, 2010
By Maya_Sariahmed

What I’m really interested in seeing what sorts of projects open up with the IHL. For my thesis I have been doing a lot of research on how and why women are particularly vulnerable to climate change. I talked to Nigel a bit about this and how it could be tied into some of the issues the IHL deals with. He broke it down in a really interesting way, which was that climate change >> increased local migration and resource conflict.

I’ll be curious to see what sorts of projects the IHL already had in mind, but my hope is to come up with a  website that will act as an advocacy campaign for women’s rights and climate change. I’m also producing a graphic novel that will try and tackle those two issues and draw them together more clearly.

NOW that said, I wonder if taking a gendered perspective on these issues goes against the idea of impartiality (or is it neutrality?) with the Red Cross. Would putting a focus on women’s rights really work with the scope of issues that the Red Cross deals with? That’s where my heart lies, and I think that’s what I’d be able to speak most honestly and effectively about.

Getting back to our trip to the Red Cross headquarters last Friday, one thing that did resonate with me with this idea of psychological assistance to victims after they experience loss. I wonder what sorts of programs surround counseling people exist at the local Red Cross, I’d love to learn more about that, too!

Like Scott said, I think it’ll be a lot easier to imagine more ventures into different projects once the training and ride along excursions have happened. So far I still feel like the inner workings of the New York chapter of the Red Cross are fuzzy and vague to me! Hope to learn more on our adventures with them!


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