Exploring Humanitarianism Through a Red Cross Camp Management Game- Abstract

May 10, 2010
By George_Bixby

Currently, the Red Cross promotes the EHL (Exploring Humanitarian Law) toolkit as their primary educational material. This modular curriculum “offers educators primary source materials and strategies that reinforce and enrich existing curricula and educational programs.”

The Red Cross has expressed that they would like this curriculum to be adopted by more teachers than is currently, so that it can have an even greater impact. Our project seeks to address this issue by creating a game that responds to this problem in three ways.

Firstly, we noticed that while the EHL toolkit offers numerous suggestions for activities that teachers may incorporate into their curriculum, they are generally broad recommendations rather than fully realized activities. In our research, many teachers responded that one of the key considerations in adopting new curriculum is the time it would add to their lesson planning. Our solution responds to this issue by offering a fully realized game, which can be played by students with little to no need for extra planning or explanation by a teacher, making it easy to implement.

Secondly, by creating the framework for a game that can be easily adaptable (by either designers, teachers or students) for various current event or historical situations, our project seeks to offer a solution that, like the toolkit, is both relevant and easy to incorporate into various lesson plans.

Lastly, while originally inspired by module 5B of the EHL toolkit, an activity centered on planning a camp in a conflict situation, our game suggests the possibility of broadening the scope of the activity to include both conflict and natural disaster situations, in an effort to make it even more universal.

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