Red Ready

May 10, 2010
By Rhiannon_Fox

The Red Cross has excellent emergency preparedness programs and materials for adults. The steps for preparing homes and families for emergency situations are laid out concisely. However, the New York branch of the Red Cross lacks emergency preparedness programs geared specifically towards kids in elementary. Families could benefit enormously from having all family members mentally prepared for any time of emergency situation. Therefore, I propose a simple, easily distributed and interactive program of activities and games for children ages 6 – 9 that can be implemented in the school setting. The game would be comprised only of digital instructions for the instructor (teacher, counselor, etc.). This program is inspired by “Raid Cross,” an interactive game that teaches kids about humanitarian issues in areas of conflict. The game would provide kids with a fun, memorable way to learn about emergency preparedness, help to bring that awareness back to the home, and create another outlet for the Red Cross to be seen in the public eye. It also serves the purpose of making kids familiar with the Red Cross at a younger age, increasing the possibility of their future involvement in Red Cross programs and volunteer opportunities.

Red Cross Game logo

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