Yina’s thoughts

February 19, 2010
By Yina_Ma

The first thing that interests me so much in my first tour in Red Cross building is the good atmosphere. I used to think that this kind of offices always look cool, professional and serious. However, I found that their working environment is so comfortable and friendly. That made me feel that the Red Cross staffs really like their work and must be proud of it. This tour changes my impression about the Red Cross. I think it is the most important experience that I should have when I join this organization. It makes me close to them, and their work. Moreover, it encourages me so much. I think the design (interior design) places the crucial role in this case. And I want to keep this feeling in any design that we might work for them because not only their logos can give courage to the people who are in trap, but also the way they show their ideas and believes.

In addition, I really admire their attitude to their job. I feel they are happy and enjoy their work. I hope I can find that job in the near future that I want to put all my heart in it in the near future. I really like that people, the way they smile, the way they talk.  I want to work with people who are full of enthusiasm and hope. 

Thank you ^–^


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