Ride-a-long experience and from the reserve course

February 21, 2010
By Rhiannon_Fox

I met some great people and had an interesting time on the ride-a-long. Because I want to do it again and I did not get a chance to go out on a call I am going to sign up for at least another one.

somethings I noticed…

1. the ‘lower band’ of paid staff do not have the drive or passion for the red cross/volunteer base. Is their a way that we can change their drive in this job and company?

2. Communication. A very small example is my name. Throughout my 8 hours shift my name was being passed through many different people and was changed many many different times, so really they had no idea who I was. but what if this was a client?

3.  The paper work and Siebel seems to be a common agreement of hassle.

The reserve course:

After having the ride-a-long and the tour/conversation with Scott a lot of the course is quiet repetitive. Which for a person who has no knowledge of the red cross/volunteering in general then it might be ok. But I heard many comments that it was repetitive. (at the beginning their is an orientation where you get the history and basically everything we learned from the WORC in about an hour…IT WAS GREAT!)

most of the people at the course were their because they wanted to be deployed to Haiti (i would say at least half of our group spoke creole). It all got a bit heated but the basic’s of it was that they were under the impression that they had been ‘lured’ in to take the course and that they weren’t going to Haiti and thats the only reason they were taking the course. The teacher could not answer the questions because he didn’t know and nor is there really any information for the general public letting them know the organization/where the money is going too. So communication is the key. Is there a way to get something on the news/newspapers to inform people so the american red cross is not immediately accused and is there a way for the information of what the red cross is doing in large disasters like Haiti to be able to be mass emailed or something to all employees so they at least have some knowledge?

One Response to “ Ride-a-long experience and from the reserve course ”

  1. Mathan_Ratinam on February 22, 2010 at 9:39 am

    On the issue of clear communication that you highlight in the last paragraph, one thing that could be done very simply is to have a link/tab on the front page of the RC site dealing with Haiti or whatever current large scale disaster the RC is responding to at the time. This link could go to a blog so that information can be updated frequently and remotely further demonstrating various roles that the RC is taking on in those situations. It’s more like a news site but aimed RC staff, existing volunteers potential volunteers where stories can be told of what is happening and the audience can know what to expect and how they could contribute. Not very difficult to do.