Yina’s Ride along

February 25, 2010
By Yina_Ma

I went to the ride-along shift on Wednesday, the staffs accepted me so warmly. Putting all my stuffs on the empty table, I just looked around the surroundings and the sheets they supplied there.

And I got my new boots from them, it was larger than my size. It made me feel professional.

  My instructor is Katti, she is really helpful and nice. At first, she showed me their first thing is to run the computer and make sure every documentation is saved and the printer works well.  Our first job is counting the stuffs in canteen. She explained almost everything for me. I was really interested with the fire kit. It’s like a magic bag.  Finishing that, we put our equipment to the van and check out if the gas was enough or not. 

Katti (It might be wrong spelling because I just saw her name card once ) filled the sheet to record the things we had done and we went back to the office. Thus, I have time to take more pictures.

After drawing some sketches, I learned how to use mask. John (I hope I remember the right name ) it was so luck they never use them. I signed up the paper he gave me to prove that I did this training.

Then we got a job, it was a secondary response requested by an old lady from Bronx. We went there immediately. They suggested me not wear my own coat if it is necessary because the room might be so smoky. You can’t get rid of the smell unless you wash it. To avoid being freezing, I still wore my scarf. They brought their laptops and drove there.  It was my first time to go to the Bronx, I just read about this area in the newspaper. It was noon, none of us ate lunch. It was really nice that I brought cookies and chocolate. 

Checking out the situation, it is not that bad as we imagined before. I felt that I didn’t need the helmet. The bed room was not damaged so badly. They figured out how to deal with this situation in the van, and we went back again. They recorded their personal information (Name, DOB, SSN) on the paper, and I read them for him (the one in the picture and I feel so sorry I don’t remember his name) when he input them in his laptop in the van. We were so happy we could go back home and have something to eat.

 When I went back, I saw Maya was there. I was with her for a while. And she went out for a third response. My shift day kind of ended. They asked me what my response was after that. I said it was impressive that they actually have the response on fire incidents. Besides that, I started to know how often it happens in our daily life. It is more important to teach people how to avoid a fire  than how to request the Red Cross after a fire (ask for money or any other help). For example, if that lady put clothes or fiber stuff near the lamp and other electric appliance again, there will be a large danger to fire her apartment again.  

I am so happy I can have this opportunity to be with those nice people and really see how they work. It is helpful.

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