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Teaching humanitarianism to pre-teens through a collaborative role play game.

March 29, 2010
By Rhiannon_Fox

Rhiannon Fox BFA Communication Design Title: Teaching humanitarianism to pre-teens through a collaborative role play game. The Exploring Humanitarian Law (EHL) Red Cross program works to teach humanitarianism and the laws of war to young people around the world. Through a series of modules and general activities, the EHL has a curriculum that is designed to...
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March 29, 2010
By Yina_Ma

Yina Ma (MFA DT) N00124302 Collaborate with Serin Abstract: In the Red Cross organization, there is no specific section for children volunteers. Therefore, children are not engaged into the Red Cross and their service. To solve this problem, a character or mascot will be designed in order to...
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Women are Forces for Nature

March 29, 2010
By Maya_Sariahmed

Maya Sariahmed, BFA Communication Design. Title: Women are Forces for Nature : Communicating Gender Mainstreaming with the Red Cross Climate Centre Abstract: The Red Cross Climate Centre runs Early Warning // Early Action programs around the world to focus on the rich local knowledge that communities offer when...
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Game Examples

March 28, 2010
By George_Bixby

I’ve been looking into games that deal with humanitarian issues and education, and I came across this list of digital games (see link below). I thought it might be of interest to those of us possibly developing games. The games highlighted here are diverse,...
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Creating Awareness and a New Way of Funding through T-shirt Design

March 27, 2010
By Tanya_Kumar

Currently, the Red Cross has been selling their merchandise online and at various stores but nothing in the stores have been targeting a younger or broader audience or those who do not know much about the Red Cross. There is no form of merchandise...
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March 13, 2010
By Haeun_Kim

Ride-Along-Shift I got Ride-Along-Shift with Raw who is a RC staff. He introduced RC building, and I looked around a garage, warehouses, and facilities as well as our class had done. Then I’ve given a pack with an equipment belt, a radiophone, and a jacket....
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Addressing international design issues?

March 11, 2010
By pablo

It’s fantastic to see how vibrant and insightful this blog is – thanks! As one of the instigators of the macro-level RedCross+Parsons collaboration, I just want to remind those about to define their project that the international dimension of our Red Cross work, while more...
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IHL / EHL Collaboration Group

March 6, 2010
By Kristopher

To all that were interested in working with or on the IHL / EHL, please just list a comment and what exactly you’d like to work on. For me, it’s probably going to be bringing up their websites to standards and create some more user-friendly...
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Typography & Haiti Event

March 5, 2010
By Kelly_Nichols

Experimental Typography Presentation at MAD
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